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Efficient support for technical projects

A dedicated design & drawing team

In October 2021, Solid Talent nv took over the activities of the West-Flemish design and drawing office Venneman bv. This acquisition was the starting point for the development of a dedicated design and drawing department within Solid Talent. Thanks to our new internal team, we can help you even better and faster with the preparation, follow-up and delivery of your projects.

From drawing to follow-up

Our design and drawing department provides technical assistance for the preparation, execution and delivery of your projects. We are happy to assist you with design and study assignments, 2D and 3D drafting, updating your drawings, site follow-ups, technical coordination, work preparation and commissioning, and technical calculations.

Over 20 years of experience

Our design and drafting specialists have over 20 years of hands-on experience with a variety of technical assignments. We work at our own offices, but we are also happy to work at your office for shorter or longer assignments.

We have a thorough knowledge of Autocad, Schemacadsteps, Pidcadsteps, Catia, Eplan, autocad electrical and Microstation. If desired, we are also happy to work with other drawing packages.

Why Solid?

Our values

We like clarity. You too? Great! That’s why we keep the lines of communication short and personal. We are good listeners who are flexible in their solutions too.

Our focus

For us, it’s simple. Everything at Solid revolves around the talent of our consultants. We take into account not just what our consultants can do now, but also what they want to be able to do later. We continuously invest in the personal development of our talents, both in terms of technical and more general skills.

How do we work?

We keep close control of your planning, budget and deadlines. We always keep a keen eye on our teams and customers. That way, we always know exactly what’s going on and what’s going to happen next, and we can anticipate questions from colleagues and customers alike. Works like a charm!

Importance of the team

We are one big family at Solid Talent. We listen to each other, and we care about each other. And about our clients! Everything is negotiable, except for the deadlines for your project.
Looking for the perfect design & drawing team?

The perfect project team? For us, that means a team whose members are completely in tune with each other. Our consultants often work together and they each have their own expertise to contribute at the right moment.

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