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Solid Talent takes over the activities of design and drawing office Venneman​

Antwerp, 2021-10-14. Solid Talent nv, the consultancy agency with technical specialists in the fields of energy, petrochemistry, metallurgy, construction and infrastructure, life sciences, logistics, storage and transport, acquires the activities of the West-Flemish design and drawing agency Venneman bv. With this acquisition, Solid Talent further expands its service offering in Flanders and The Netherlands.

“Solid Talent has mainly focused on project staffing for the past 15 years. Since last year, we also started offering full managed solutions for construction, tank and turnaround management, and audits and consulting assignments focused on maintenance and safety as well as the optimization of real estate patrimony,” says Stijn Caels, founder and director of Solid Talent. “With the acquisition of Venneman’s activities, we gain more than 2 decades of knowledge and experience in drawing and design work, site follow-up, technical coordination, and work preparation in the electrical, piping, construction and mechanical sectors. This enables us to further shape our range of solutions, audits and consultancy assignments. Through our regional offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Breda and Maastricht, we can now further develop our own drawing and design office within Solid Talent.”

“Solid Talent and Venneman share the same passion for business and technology, and we work in similar sectors. Our knowledge, experience, service offering and client base are complementary,” says Miguel Venneman, founder and director of Venneman bv. “I look forward to being able to help even more clients in the future. Recently, demand has often exceeded our work capacity. Stijn and I share the same ambitions: a nice growth of our design and drawing department within Solid Talent resulting in more satisfied customers.”

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For more information about this press release and Solid Talent’s ambitious plans, you can always contact Stijn Caels, founder and director of Solid Talent nv: or +32 3 540 55 40.

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