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Solid Talent has been around for 15 years, and our company is busier than ever. Our team currently counts 200 colleagues, and it’s our ambition to grow fivefold by 2025. How will we achieve that? By extending our services and our sectors, and by expanding our offices in Flanders and the Netherlands. By working regionally, we will be able to stay even closer to our consultants and customers. This will give us an even better sense of who needs what, so that we can make even more and better matches between our customers’ needs and the talents and ambitions of our consultants in the future.

“During my contacts with Solid, I sense a genuine interest in what I do. I sensed a strong enthusiasm and interest, and an eye for people and safety. Do you want to present your talents to customers in the best possible way? Then I warmly recommend Solid” – Gerry

“One of the strongest points at Solid? Seeing the opportunities, taking them further and responding to them.” – Ellen, Marketing Lead

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Are you looking for a job that really suits you?

Anyone can promise the perfect job. It’s quite another matter to find you the perfect job and make sure that you continue to develop in the future. But that is exactly what we do! Are you looking for an employer that puts your personal development and well-being first? At Solid Talent you’re not just a number! We want to hear your story.

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Why Solid?

Our values

We like clarity. So do you? Great! That’s why we keep the lines of communication short and personal. We are good listeners who are flexible in their solutions too.

Our focus

For us, it’s simple. Everything at Solid revolves around the talents of our consultants. We take into account not just what our consultants can do now, but also what they want to be able to do later. We continuously invest in the personal development of our talents, both in terms of technical and more general skills.

What is our approach?

We keep close control of your planning, budget and deadlines. We always keep a keen eye on our teams and customers. That way, we always know exactly what’s going on and what’s going to happen next, and we can anticipate questions from colleagues and customers alike. Works like a charm!

Importance of the team

We are one big family at Solid Talent. We listen to each other and we care about each other. And about our customers, too! Nothing is off-limits, except your project deadlines.
We’re waiting for you

Are you looking for a challenging job in a friendly team? Or do you need support for a major project that’s being planned? We’re here to help! Give us a call so that we can see what we can do for each other.

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