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Talent lies at the heart of Solid. That’s is why we invest heavily and regularly in the development of our consultants and our internal staff. We’ve been doing that for 15 years and we’ll always continue to do so. For example, our team-building events are sacred every year. In the past, we have travelled to Breda, Riga and Antwerp. You’ll also find our colleagues on the starting line for the 1,000 km bike ride for the cancer charity Kom op tegen Kanker, the Antwerp 10 Miles, and other sporting events every year. What matters is not whether we win, but that we reach the end together as #oneteam. Would you like to be a part of our team? We’ll be happy to pour an extra glass during one of our many drinks events. Get to know some of our colleagues below. 

Stijn CEO
“Do what is right, not what is easy or what is popular.” - Roy T. Bennett
Leslie Safety Lead
“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.” - Simon Sinek
Tom Compensation & Benefits Lead
“There is little success where there is little laughter.” - Andrew Carnegie
Filip Business Developer National
“Believing in yourself is the first secret to success!”
Ellen Marketing Lead
"To be authentic is to be at peace with our imperfections". - Simon Sinek
Davina Mobility Coordinator
“No matter how useful we may be, sometimes it takes us a while to recognize our own value.” - De Tao van Poeh by Benjamin Hoff
Sally Office Support
“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” - Brad Montague
Isabo Support Officer
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer
Ann Finance Officer
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney
Kevin People Expert
“If you have a talent, make it Solid.”
Wouter Business Development Lead
“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Albert Einstein
Heidi People Lead
“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” - Oscar Wilde
Kurt Tender & MSP Coordinator
“In life, a good passing grade is pretty good.” - Bert Keizer
Michele People Expert
“If I want quick results, I act alone; if I want big results, I count on a team. I'm not going to the Olympics with my best players either, but with my best team.”
Timmy Finance, ICT & Digital Lead
"Leaders don’t blame the tools they were given. They work to sharpen them." - Simon Sinek
Caroline Business Developer
“Rise by lifting others.” - Robert Ingersoll
Sandra Recruitment Officer
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs
Hildegard Support Officer
“Seize the (work)day!”
Hilde Support Officer
“Without continual growth and progress, words such as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin
Sarah Support Officer
“Hakuna Matata.” – The Lion King
Tess People Expert
"It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela
Severien Support Officer
"Do small things with great love."– Mother Teresa
Hana Recruitment Officer
“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further.” – Thomas Carlyle.
Koen People Expert
"Als je doet wat je leuk vindt, hoef je nooit te werken." Mahatma Gandhi
Leslie People Expert
"Consistency is the habit of victory." Herbert Kaufman
Floris Business Developer
"I never lose. Either I win or I learn ". - Nelson Mandela
Jeroen Recruitment Officer
“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” -Bob Marley
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