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A sharp focus on a limited number of professional fields

At Solid Talent, everything revolves around developing our talents and how we use them to create added value for our customers every day. So we choose our professional fields carefully. Because the more we focus on specific domains, the stronger the professional knowledge is of our consultants, auditors and solution teams, and the greater our added value. Below we set out the six professional fields in which we specialise.

Engineering & Design

How can we do it better, faster and above all: more efficiently? Especially in terms of time, costs and resources. Our Engineering & Design experts will review your business processes and their operation and make improvements where possible.

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory


Keen ambitions often translate into challenging construction projects with tight deadlines. Combine that with strict quality and safety requirements, and you have a complex project. Our construction experts are happy to help from A to Z.

Project Management & Support

Behind every successful technical expert stands a team he or she can build on. Our Project Management & Support talents will gladly take the organisation, planning, monitoring and budgeting of your projects in hand.

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory

Research & Development

We love innovation and the targeted optimisation of processes, products and services. Our R&D specialists are constantly researching new solutions and technologies to give your projects and ideas the best chances of success.


It’s never a good time for the maintenance of your installations, yet it’s crucial if you want to avoid unanticipated costs. Our maintenance experts prevent defects and ensure that your installations are tested and validated and stay that way.

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory


Do you have questions about the quality and safety of your services and projects, or their impact on the environment and the health of employees and customers? Our QESH consultants will help you, from audit to strategy and the optimisation of your procedures.

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