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Solid Talent is at home in every market

Where can our talents make a difference?

In the beginning, Solid primarily focused on the building and industrial sectors. This was where our engineers, designers and other technical people made their mark. Along the way we noticed that ever-more complex business processes, legislation, automation and digitisation were increasing the demand for specialist talent. Across a range of sectors. Not just construction and industry, but also in Life Sciences, Transport, Energy and Logistics. So it was time for us to expand our horizons so as to give the best possible support to our customers. If you ask us ‘What sectors are you active in?’, our answer is ‘Where can our talents make a difference to you?’. Because our consultants are indeed specialists, but today Solid is also at home in every market.

Petrochemicals and Metallurgy

In the petrochemical and metallurgy sectors, a lack of talent in the right place can have catastrophic results for business processes, installations, safety, the environment, and so on. Fortunately, Solid has the right talents in-house and we like a challenge.

Challenge accepted!

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory

Building & Infrastructure

Modernisation, digitisation and sustainability have also found their way into infrastructure. The result? BIM (Building Information Modelling) and building digitally are now decisive factors in today’s construction industry. At Solid Talent, we know all about it!

Life Sciences

Life Sciences are all about research, new technologies and solutions? Certainly, but safety, legislation, rules and protocols are also top priorities for this sector. Looking for support? Our consultants are here to help!

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory

Logistics & Storage

Products that reach the customer on time, following the right procedures and in the right quantities. That’s the key in logistics and storage. And, preferably, packaged with the necessary quality and service. Our consultants will support you all the way from A to B.


Nuclear energy, renewable energies, petroleum, gas, batteries, electricity, distribution – there is no sector as diverse as the energy sector. The only constant factors? Safety, economy and sustainability. Because if the sector is to meet tomorrow’s energy consumption, it will have to shift up a gear.

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory


Transport, a sector that’s always on the move. How can things be done differently, and better? For the environment, too? The answer, for transport as elsewhere, lies increasingly in new technologies. At Solid Talent, we are happy to help build tomorrow’s transport.

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