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Perfection is an illusion, that’s a fact. There’s always room for improvement. For us, too. That’s why Solid Talent has its own Safety Team to watch over safety at work. But safety is not our only speciality! We also have experienced experts who know all there is to know about maintenance, quality, construction and real estate. And if we can share our expertise with you, so much the better!

Do you have the feeling that some things could or should be approached better? Do you have some particular issues you’d like to examine? Is your project really ready for delivery, or would you first like a second opinion? Solid Advisory will review your business, team or project, before formulating ideas for improvement that you can put into immediate effect.

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Years' experience

Why Solid?

A broad network of consultants

With more than 15 years of experience, Solid Talent is an established name in the technical sector. Over the years we have met and helped so many consultants that we have built up a broad and warm network. From young potentials to experienced professionals... we’ve probably already talked to your next colleague!

We are a reliable partner

We monitor our consultants very closely before, during and after their projects. We’ll always continue to do so. That is what makes Solid Solid. Our personal approach means enjoyable and goal-oriented work, a win for our consultants and your business alike. Looking for a reliable staffing partner for the long term? A firm that can always complement your team with the right people just when you need them? Then we should get some coffee together!

A conscious choice for certain sectors

We choose our sectors carefully. This means that we understand the particular wishes and needs of our customers and our talents better. Designers, engineers, supervisors, project managers, site leaders, etc.: we know exactly what they are expected to know and do, and we also understand their own expectations.

Fast and flexible

Solid Talent has great consultants and a loyal and committed Support team. We value short lines of communication and close connections. Any questions? Phone or e-mail us and we’ll get to work on your behalf.
Looking for specialist knowledge and skills for your project?

Searching for the right consultant for your project? This person does exist! And what’s more, we have probably already talked to them. Just tell us what you want, and our recruiters will get to work.

Maintenance Audit

The maintenance of technical installations is crucial, but not easy to organise. Do you have issues with the reliability of your technical installations? Would you like to optimise the maintenance strategy for your infrastructures? With a Solid Talent Maintenance Audit you can actually get to work.

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory
Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory

Safety Audit

Safety at work is a necessity. It’s more than some procedures in a manual; it’s an attitude. Solid Talent has an experienced Safety Team and we like nothing better than to share our expertise with our customers. Do you have any questions about safety in your company? Take no unnecessary risks and contact us today. We’re here to help!

Real Estate Audit

Do you have construction or renovation plans? Would you like to know what the costs will be for renovation and maintenance? A Real Estate Audit from Solid Talent will tell you how you can keep your building works in sound condition in future years.

Solid Talent - Staffing Solutions Advisory

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