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Safe, safer, Solid.

Solid has an experienced Safety Team entirely devoted to workplace safety. In addition, both our consultants and our in-house staff have VCA certification. Our company is also VCA** certified. That’s how important workplace safety and well-being is to us. We also frequently share our knowledge and experience via Safety Audits for our customers. Do you have any questions about workplace safety, or are you looking to obtain certification? Let’s talk!

Solid Safety Audit

In a Safety Audit by Solid Talent, our safety experts will investigate how safe your company really is. We look at the machinery, the installations and your staff’s equipment, as well as important details such as fire extinguishers, signage, symbols, and so on. We identify sticking points, risks, and actions whereby we can prevent and remedy problems. A Solid Safety Audit is often confrontational but always critical in a positive way. We give our honest and independent opinions and recommendations to make your company safer and to give your people the best protection.

Solid Safety in 3 stappen

A Safety Audit consists of three or four phases. We begin with the preparation phase, where we define and describe our safety tests in a Safety Audit Plan. During the audit, we take a fly-on-the-wall approach: we’re omnipresent, but you won’t notice us. We study your safety procedures, observe your working conditions and listen to input from your employees. We note down our findings in a report with concrete advice and a step-by-step plan you can put into practice at once. If desired, we will also support you in carrying out the step-by-step plan described in our report.

Why Solid Talent?

Our values

We like clarity. So do you? Great! That’s why we keep the lines of communication short and personal. We are good listeners who are flexible in their solutions too.

Our focus

For us, it’s simple. Everything at Solid revolves around the talents of our consultants. We take into account not just what our consultants can do now, but also what they want to be able to do later. We continuously invest in the personal development of our talents, both in terms of technical and more general skills.

What is our approach?

We keep close control of your planning, budget and deadlines. We always keep a keen eye on our teams and customers. That way, we always know exactly what’s going on and what’s going to happen next, and we can anticipate questions from colleagues and customers alike. Works like a charm!

Importance of the team

We are one big family at Solid Talent. We listen to each other and we care about each other. And about our customers, too! Nothing is off-limits, except your project deadlines.
Looking for the perfect team for your project?

The perfect project team? For us, that means a team whose members are completely in tune with each other. Our consultants often work together and they each have their own expertise to contribute at the right moment.

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At Solid, we have extensive experience of workplace Safety. Our people live and breathe safety and we are happy to share our insights. Do you want to improve safety in your workplace? Download our e-book for practical tips about safety at work.

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