HVAC Engineer

Reference: -20203597-06112020

Pharma & food Projectondersteuning

Are you a hands-on engineer passioned by HVAC?
Do you have good knowledge and expertise in design and implementation of engineering projects?
If you do so, please look at this great opportunity.

- You ensure, in coordination with Engineering Office and Project Management, correct design, construction, commissioning and qualification in full compliance with internal requirements and authorities' requirement of HVAC and Industrial Utilities packages (networks, installation and pieces of equipment).
- You are as HVAC Engineer representative for all activities an you support the E.O in management of activities related to these packages.
- You ensure alignment between E.O and Specification and Guidance and you review design and technical documentation.
- You follow-up construction & all testing activities falling under the package and facilitate handover process towards the end user.
- You review tender documents for ITT process and detail design studies review.
- You are as HVAC Engineer responsible for the final handover for HVAC & Utilities packages.


- Are you a good teamplayer and a communicative person?
- Do you have good project integration experience: organisation, cost, time, schedule, contracting, procurement, qualification, validation, technologies,..?
- Are you an Industrial or Civil Engineer with 10 years experience in domain of industrial utilities generation and distribution (water, gas, steam, effluent) and cGMP HVAC domain?
- Do you have experience in the expertise domain of HVAC (tertiary and cGMP Pharma) and Industrial Utilities (water networks, refrigeration, compressed air)?
- Do you demonstrate deep knowledge and expertise in design and implementation of engineering projects?
- Do you have experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and cGMP environment?
- Do you have a BA4/5 BT electrical certification?
- Do you speak fluently French and English?

Apply now for the function of “HVAC Engineer”!

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