Project Controls Engineer


Reference: WL-20182337-30102018

Industrie Projectondersteuning

Are you an Engineer with preference to electro-mechanics or chemistry? Do you have expercience with cost efficiency?
Do you have an general knowledge of Project Management?

- You will screen individual project proposals based on procedure agreements, costs and bench marks.
- You will execute reviews before, during and after projects in order to strive for continuous improvement related to quality and cost efficiency.
- You will maintain an open dialogue with the engineering partner.
- You will screen a correct application of procedures, specifications, engineering tools and systems during the project implementation.
- You will perform contract quality controls to guarantee correct payments to the engineering partner.
- You will have an active role in coaching the project engineers and discipline lead engineers during the project toolbox meetings.
- You will ensure, by means of cause analyses, that lessons are learnt when project incidents occur.
- You follow up action plans and adjusts where necessary.
- You will steer the engineering partner and project team within the contractual rights and obligations.
- You will control the preparation, revision, and update of the project Schedule and related man-power histograms and ensures timely issuance in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Contract.
- You follow up the adherence to the project plan and in particular the critical path activities and expediting efforts and results. Bring possible slippage to the attention of the project management. Agree with the PM or Project owner possible corrective actions.
- You will monitor the project action list and drive the contractor and the PMT to comply in accordance with the committed dates and Schedule and assure compliance to Contractor progress calculation procedure and planning progress.
- You follow up the TIC, base line and control budgets, secures the correct use of contingency.
- You will assure correct cost reporting.
- Together with the Contract manager, review the content and impact of Changes; estimate/analyses the impact of changes not agreed and secure correct communication compliant with the contractual obligations and wrights.
- You will check correct follow up of contractor manpower reports versus planned manpower expenditure.


- Are you an Engineer with preference to electro-mechanics or chemistry with minimum experience of 5 years or equivalent by relevant project practical experience?
- Do you have an general knowledge of Project Management and Project Engineering in all its aspects?
- Do you know the HSE – Policy, instructions and procedures?
- Do you have basic knowledge of the various production processes?
- Do you know the Plant Project procedure and reference procedures (ENG 3001; CE-007 etc)?

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